Why corporate team building is crucial in times of crisis

14 Nov 2012

The de-motivation of employees has consequences even more important than that of economic turmoil.

In a modern day throwaway society, young people have been lead to believe that everything is disposable. Not a day goes by where we don’t hear about drastic restructuring programs within businesses.

The future generation are now starting to believe that humans are just as disposable as everything else.

A recent survey showed that 4 in 5 young people do not have confidence in their superiors (BVA France) and have a hard time understanding what ‘traditional working values’ really are.

The sense of belonging is essential to having motivated and willing staff. The young (and ever older) have the impression that they are not important and simply just a number.

Team leaders and managers know that the motivation of their staff is top priority and that making sure the heart is still in the job essential.

Integration of corporate team building programs into businesses helps unite teams and form solid bases to work upon.


Much like the construction of buildings, teams need strong foundations to keep them standing.

The strength of any team is not just a collection of different specialities and know-how’s but also the having a sense of belonging, importance and confidence in ones colleagues.

Teamway offers a range of different corporate team building activities ideally suited to improving communication, team spirit and mutual assistance.

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Diplômé de l’École Hôtelière de Lausanne, Steve est spécialisé en conduite de groupes Team Spirit ainsi qu’en animation d’équipes Team Building.
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