A world record!

9 Jul 2014

Your creative team exercises brought to life

A world record with toothpaste tubes

If you have an idea for a team event but don’t have the time, skills or experience to organise it Teamway is able to help.

We were recently contacted by an events agency to organise a Guinness world record attempt for their clients. The brief was to in less than one hour, to create a line of a minimum of 1000 toothpaste tubes with each one touching the next. What with time being short it was imperitive that the organisation and instructions were clear and precise.

A few days of work were required before the event to create a text that was made up of one long line and convert it to a printed format for the team to work from. To help the organisation of the group the task this design was then divided into 34 different rectangles that were later to be recreated on the ground once at the venue.
The design also had to be verified by the official Guinness world records adjudicators that would be present on the day of the event.

Preparing a world record

Preparing a world record

When the participants arrived the task was organised in such a way that it would be fast to complete and everyone would have to be involved.

Once the participants had arrived and the group had recieved an informative and motivating briefing on what they were going to do the exitement levels were high. This meant that everyone was stimulated to complete the task.

Many roles were to be filled and a team of leaders were put in place to organise their different teams. They were to organise themselves for that there were people taking the tubes out of boxes, people placing the tubes according to the diagram others managing stock and communicating with the different teams on either side of them.

Team spirit

Team spirit

It was only after 45 minutes that the design became aparent as the hive of people were blocking a clear view, the end result was a very impressive line spelling out ‘3 billion vision’ made up of 1688 toothpaste tubes measuring 80.06 meters.

The outcome was a very happy group who, thanks to their team spirit and by working and interacting together like in our other team building activities also became official Guinness record holders with a Guinness world record adjudicator presenting them with their certificate as proof!

A new world record.

A new world record.

If your team is interested in an original team building event but aren’t sure about how to organise the group or find the task or managing a large team of people daunting, please get in touch and Teamway will help you out.

Of cause we can also provide consultation on your teams’ own world record attempt and help you too to become world record holders!

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