Our team building activities in Geneva

For your team to be more effective than the sum of its individual energies

Team building is a set of strategic actions. It aims to improve the functioning and cohesion of a team, to clarify the roles and responsibilities of its members and to increase the potential of each one, in order to reach a better level of performance. The objective of our team building activities in Geneva is to develop the relationship and communication between the members of a team, in order to make it more efficient, creative and productive.

Our fast and consistent method allows teams to develop the skills necessary to effectively resolve diverse situations in an environment that forces them to act differently from traditional patterns.

Our team building activities

Our team building activities in Geneva are led by specialized trainers. Each intervention is closed by a debriefing, in order to facilitate the sharing of the experience and the feeling of each participant but also to optimize the anchoring of the lessons.

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Whether you build a great team or a cardboard car, in the end it has to roll.

activité team building - Teamway


There is no favorable wind for those who do not know where they are going. Seneca

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A united and balanced team to deal with the instability and imbalance of dominoes.

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To adjust as well as possible, artistic talents in communication and negotiation are necessary.

team building Genève - Teamway


If you find the adventure dangerous, try the routine it’s deadly. Paolo Coelho

team building Genève - Teamway


Dry, powdery, wet, cardboard, whatever the quality of the snow, building igloos does not scare you.

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It’s not because things are difficult that we don’t dare, but because we don’t dare that they are difficult. Seneca

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Music sets people free. Bob Marley

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In the dark, it’s easier or harder, but this is where you will find the light to communicate effectively.

team building Genève - Teamway


Improve individual and team practices in a fun and positive dynamic.
activité team building - Teamway


Birds of a feather flock together. it takes persistence to bring all the pieces together and become one.

activité team building - Teamway


To move from the 2nd to the 3rd dimension, and from a vertical operation to a transversal organization.

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The action is seen in the reaction. Jehovanis Camille Assogbakpe

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Evolve in large spaces to get together and share moments of authenticity.

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By videoconference or face-to-face: have fun while learning or learn while having fun

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Equipped with a video camera, each team has to collaborate with the others, in order to co-direct a film whose scenario is imposed beforehand

Our activities team building PLUS

Designed for teams looking to go further. Straddling the line between a facilitation and a cohesion activity, these interventions offer the ideal framework for discussion and exchange without neglecting the constructive side of team building.

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“If you have confidence in yourself, you will inspire confidence in others.” Goethe

teambuilding - Teamway


 It is an opportunity to develop strong connections among your team

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