Raft Experience

towards the same goal at the same pace, in a spirit of trust, the team builds and floats towards new horizons.


To build a raft, the different teams use common materials that are divided among them. As soon as the boats are finished the teams participate in several interactive challenges on the water.


To think before you act. To decide which method should be adopted with the other teams. To implement a strategy based on sharing resources and contacts in order to attain a common goal.

Skills & Performance

Leadership – Organisation – Reflection – Cohesion – Listening


Basic benefit :

checkAnimation Teamway
checkOrganisation & equipment
checkSecurity boat
checkBack-up activity

General Information

Program: Team Spirit
Location: Outdoors
Duration: 1.5 – 2.5 hours
Participants: Up to 100 people
Dress code: Specific

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