Snow Games

we’re on the snow – so a sense of balance, co-ordination and rhythm are essential to succeed.


The Snow Games are a series of entertaining activities designed to be performed in a team. Execution of the challenges, whether they are fun, athletic or strategic, requires the involvement of every person.


To call on the skills of everyone to foster the necessary attitude needed by the team for each challenge. This activity allows the observation of the team’s development and performance during the challenges.

Skills & Performance

Response – Adaptation – Stress Management – Trust & Respect – Initiative


Basic benefit :

checkAnimation Teamway
checkOrganisation & Equipment
checkLarge choice of challenges
checkBack-up activity

General Information

Program: Team Spirit
Location: Outdoors
Duration: 1 to 2.5 hours
Participants: Up to 100 people
Dress code: Specific to the activity

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