whether in front of or behind the camera, it is important to have a clear role in the team.


Equipped with a video camera, the teams will produce a film based on a scenario thought out beforehand. Different glitches will make filming more exciting. Every short film will be viewed and graded by the other teams.


To organise a team based on the skills of each team member. To plan the various steps necessary to reach the goal.
Team performance is more important than that of the individual.

Skills & Performance

Planning – Observation – Solidarity – Initiative – Acceptance


Basic benefit :

checkAnimation Teamway
checkOrganisation & Equipment
checkCustomisation according to theme
checkDVD souvenir

General Information

Program: Team Spirit
Location: Indoors and/or Outdoors
Duration: 1.5 to 3 hours
Participants: Up to 120 people
Dress code: Not specific

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