Creating Your Purpose

The “raison d’être” refers to the way in which an organisation intends to be part of the world beyond its economic activity. It allows it to take into consideration the environmental and social issues of its activities. It is the DNA of a company. It creates meaning for all employees.


In a world of work that is constantly changing, the necessity of being able to identify with the values of an organisation to which one is engaged is essential. The reputation and credibility of companies are no longer measured solely by their profitability. Organisations are also embracing their relationships with their stakeholders and their impact on the world.

The people who will bring the ‘raison d’être’ to life are those who will implement it. Our Creating Your Purpose training workshop provides a safe space for each person to express themselves in complete freedom. The process we have developed alternates between thoughts, role-playing and time for creativity to develop an effective ‘raison d’être’.

Targeted outcomes
  • Engage each person in and around the process.

  • Create an environment conducive to promoting team dynamics.

  • Develop and own your ‘raison d’être’.

Educational objectives

At the end of the training, the participants will be able to :

  • Understand the relevance of a ‘raison d’être’,
  • Apply the process of setting up a ‘raison d’être’,
  • Have the capacity to make their ‘raison d’être’ come alive.
The advantages of facilitation
  • A secure operating environment favourable for exchanges.

  • Taking account of individual and collective needs.

  • The implementation of large-scale action in a collaborative manner.

Programme (1 day – adaptable to ½ day)
Description and relevance of the ‘raison d`être’.

Reflection and taking into account the pros and cons.

A collaborative decision-making process

Presentation of the decision by mutual consent. Putting it into practice and taking ownership of it.

Elaboration of the ‘raison d`être’

Using the Exquisite corpse method in sub-groups. Recommendations and consolidations according to the decision by mutual consent.

Consolidation of the ‘raison d`être’.

Review of the propositions. Selection and formulation of proposals. Proposition of the ‘raison d’être’.

Audience and framework
This intervention is intended for a team, a company, an organisation or an association. It is led by one or more facilitators depending on the size of the group and the time available.
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