Clients & Testimonials

Since the creation of Teamway in Geneva in 2005, we have had the pleasure of providing our training, collective intelligence facilitation and team building activities to more than 800 companies and organisations from all industries in Switzerland and abroad.

Below you will find some examples and testimonials from regular clients that we thank for their loyalty.

« First experience with Teamway and first try transformed! It was a flawless experience. Understanding of the needs, availability, creativity in the exercises perfectly carried out and mastered, with a very good relationship with the coach involved and a relevant follow-up of each exercise. We got a better understanding of the interactions between us, in a healthy and playful atmosphere. »

Patrick Joset

Sales Manager, ABISSA SA

 » The Fresco activity allowed the participants to collaborate and exchange in a context different from their daily professional life. They were able to become aware of certain operating modes in terms of communication or organization, all in a climate of creativity and good humor. An enriching experience!  »

Claire Herbert Stauss

BNP Paribas Suisse

 » The workshops played perfectly the expected role, namely to (re-)weld the links between collaborators of the various IT teams and to prove that it is possible to collaborate efficiently and intelligently when the objectives and the rules of the game are clear and precise.  »

Laurent Coupin

Operations Manager IT, Touring Club Suisse

 » We chose the Teamway team for the diversity of their programs as well as the ease of adapting them to our needs, which exceeded all our expectations. Their competence, dynamism and availability as well as their professionalism made us enthusiastic and encouraged us to keep them as a partner. « 

Ariane Sicilia El Said

HR Manager , Neste Oil (Suisse) S.A.

 » On behalf of the SRED staff, I would like to thank you very much for your support during the Fresco workshop. I am delighted with the way the workshop went, and I think the initial objective was largely achieved. The good mood can be felt today! « 

Daniela Di Mare Appéré

DIP State of Geneva

 » The activities that you proposed as well as your support allowed our employees to spend a day under the sign of sharing and communication and to create contacts that until then were not always easy. « 

Annick Perret

Responsable RH, Ville de Prilly, Suisse

 » UBP has had the opportunity to call upon Teamway on several occasions, particularly in the context of team building. We have always appreciated the professionalism, creativity and interpersonal skills of Teamway consultants. The feedback from the participants testifies to both the pleasure experienced and the added value acquired. I highly recommend this company, which will surprise you! « 

Edouard Comment

HR Manager, Union Bancaire Privé

 » The municipality of Avenches had a very good experience with Teamway: a fast and quality service and activities that met our expectations. « 

Lionel Conus

City Secretary, Commune d’Avenches

 » Les multiples événements MCI organisés en étroite collaboration avec Teamway ont été des grandes réussites tant au niveau rendu que préparation. With Teamway, the unexpected leaves room for professionalism, rigor and originality. Teamway is a partner we can rely on to create the magic our clients are looking for.  »

Antoine Painot

Directeur Events, MCI Group

 » It is invaluable to be able to rely on a professional team to organize an effective team building. Teamway’s contribution? Well-tried ideas, flexibility to adapt to the demand, good organization and above all, undeniable animation skills. « 

Fabienne Chenevez

Organization and Quality, University Hospitals of Geneva (HUG)

 » Fun activities adapted to the group and the circumstances, we always have a great time with the Teamway team. Thank you! « 

Astrid Ortelli

Agie Charmilles Management SA

 » I was looking for a company capable of transmitting our values in a playful way during a team-building seminar. What particularly appealed to me in Teamway’s approach was the notion of working together, making sure that everyone expresses the best of themselves so that in the end, these multi-potential people manage to reach the objective. « 

Sylvie Lavieille

Training Manager, Botanic

 » Nous remercions sincèrement la société Teamway pour l’excellente préparation, exécution et feedback de notre exercice « Fresco » que nous avons eu avec notre équipe de management. We experienced great feelings through our “winning together” workshop and the overall score of our participants was 5 out of 5.  »

Raphael Stanca

Fluid Automation Services

 » It was a great experience, surprising, which allowed us to realize some of our usual efficient and less efficient functioning as much at the individual level as at the group level. Now it’s up to us to play! « 

Martina Burki

Responsable RH, Fondation Ensemble

» HAP was impressed with the enthusiasm and professionalism of the Teamway facilitators. Combining fun with a solid analysis of HAP’s dynamics has proven useful in our efforts to build a more cohesive and effective team. « 

Hélène Maillet-Maghdessian

HAP International

 » The team enjoyed the Igloo activity and we were able to lay the groundwork for our jubilee year. « 

Alexis du Roy de Blicquy

CEO, The Family Business Network International

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