Collective Intelligence Facilitation

What is facilitation?

Facilitation is about motivating and guiding teams towards the development of a meaning-filled collective project.

Facilitation workshop is a process of meeting to support a team in their search for concrete solutions. It uses tools and interactive approaches that promote collective intelligence and commitment.

The role of the professional facilitator will evolve throughout the facilitation workshop. Upstream, he/she is the architect of the meeting design. Once in action, he/she becomes the pilot responsible for the process that encourages the group’s autonomy in establishing and implementing solutions. Finally, at times when the group is struggling to find its way, he or she adopts a guiding role.

The collective intelligence facilitator is therefore constantly listening to the needs of individuals and of the group. He or she shows agility and adaptability to ensure that the objectives are achieved.

In short, facilitation workshop is about enabling and engaging each member of the team in the development of sustainable solutions.

When is facilitation used?

As each team is unique, the reasons can be varied but here are some good reasons :

  • to decide together
  • to remobilize following an organisational change,
  • to determine new strategies,
  • to create and implement concrete and sustainable actions,
  • to determine a vision, values and missions

What are the milestones?

Analysis of the request

Before we can deliver a quotation for an intervention of facilitation workshop, we first clarify with our clients a number of non-exhaustive points such as the objectives, the challenges, the target audience and above all the expected results.

Presentation of the meeting process

Once the offer has been validated, we will work on the concrete process of the facilitation workshop, i.e. all the actions carried out minute by minute.

Validation of the meeting process

This is the moment to validate the objectives and expected results. It is quite normal at this stage to see the objectives or the process evolve, in order to guarantee an engaging and durable outcome.

Facilitation workshop

Here you are, all together. The professional facilitator supports you in monitoring the progress of the meeting. If necessary, he/she adapts his/her tools and methods to the needs of the team, in order to ensure that the objectives are achieved.

Action follow-up

We can help you measure the impact of the initiatives implemented during the facilitation workshop. Depending on the results, we can make appropriate recommendations for the specific situation.

What are the advantages?

  • The guarantee of concrete, easy to implement, engaging and sustainable results
  • The commitment of all team members without exception
  • An energy stimulated by the use of varied, relevant and effective methods and tools
  • An approach that takes into account all the cognitive, relational and emotional dimensions

Our interventions are all tailor-made, with the exception of Creating Your Purpose. The facilitation workshop allows us to give meaning to what we do in a complex and constantly changing world.

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