Our Training Courses

Give your team the opportunity to acquire the skills needed to build a sustainable and meaningful collaboration.

Our training courses are exclusively oriented towards the development of skills and behaviours that will improve the performance of your team, stimulate its vitality and, above all, make it more empowered.

Meet Efficiently  is an introduction to the principles of conducting circular meetings in several phases. Once the training is completed, we will subsequently support your meetings in your workplace. Gradually, we guide you towards autonomy, taking care to adapt the methodology to your needs.

Develop Team Maturity  that enables participants to discover the extraordinary potential that interpersonal skills can have on the performance of each person in a team. Role-playing exercises enable participants to effectively adopt 5 best practices conducive to the development of team maturity.

Stimulate Collective Intelligence aims to instil a new mindset adapted to a fast paced world driven by agility. This workshop allows participants to grasp the notion that collective intelligence cannot be learned from a book, but rather cultivated and maintained throughout the life of a team.

Meet Efficiently

Optimizing the commitment of each individual at crucial moments when many initiatives are undertaken.

Develop Team Maturity

A guarantee of performance that is essential for organizations wishing to anticipate change.

Stimulate Collective Intelligence

It is the DNA of any team. Cultivated on a daily basis, it is owned by no one and manifests itself only through interaction.

Learning to say NO

Saying YES to every request is not always beneficial to a good team dynamic. Dare to be assertive.

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