3 Must-Do Outdoor Team Building Activities for Summer.

24 Apr 2014

With the nice weather Europe has been experiencing these past few weeks demands for spring and summer team building events is increasing.

Teamway offers a vast range of outdoor team building activities adapted to all types of professional groups.

A collection of off-the-shelf programs has been created to suit every team whether newly formed or firmly established from 10 to 400 people in size.

Getting out of the office, changing scenery and taking part in one of the Teamway tried and tested outdoor team building activities is an ideal way to reward collaborators as well as boosting team moral and motivation.

Several hundred companies have already put their trust in of Geneva’s specialist in team building since their creation at the end of 2005.

If you are based in or around Geneva, Switzerland no team should miss out on this summers top three :

Outdoor Team Building Activities




Whether to break the ice between new members or to develop team spirit between existing ones, work together to be the most efficient in these water based challenges. Don’t worry, just like in real life there will be hurdles and hiccups to make the task more difficult as well as simultaneously working communication and interaction amongst the groups.

Where: Anywhere in Switzerland or abroad
Price: CHF 90 .- per person
Satisfied clients: Procter & Gamble, Chiquita, and Nestlé

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adventureAdventure Experience

On arrival teams receive a scenario and a list of tasks to complete in the given time. Only with a great organisation of resources and making the most of their collective knowledge will the participants be able to achieve their objectives. This Team Building activity is adapted to groups’ goals and can be debriefed to gain the maximum from the experience.

Where: Countryside or mountain location in Switzerland or abroad
Price: CHF 150.- per person
Satisfied clients: GF Agie Technologies, BRP, and World Economic Forum

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cross-sailingCross Sailing

After an hour of preparation and training aboard their sailing boats all the teams will be given a list of different challenges to achieve. Whilst testing communication, leadership and initiative participants can be proud of their cooperation as well as participation once the challenges completed.

Where: Lake Geneva, Switzerland
Price: CHF 250.- per person
Satisfied Clients: Piaget, Trafigura, Total

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To get in touch with Teamway and to ask any questions relating to their large range of team building activities you can contact them by the following means :

Teamway SA
Rue de Montchoisy 2
1207 – Geneva, Switzerland

Telephone : +41 (0) 22 840 50 60
Web : www.teamway.ch

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