A Team Building to develop the team’s agility

Teamway organize many teambuilding activities and exercises to encourage horizontal functioning, open-mindedness towards change, inter-dependence together with the many skills essential to your team’s achieving its goals.

To strengthen and confirm your team’s performance and efficiency by carrying out a targeted  team building activity followed by a debriefing and transfer to your professional reality.

The basic human relationships developed by the teambuilding activities are :

  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Collective intelligence

Specific skills reinforce the basic human relationships in order to meet at best  the objectives set by the team.


We are professionals dedicated towards training through action. We aim at developing efficient collaboration so as to promote within teams and organisations performance and fun at work. We set up meaningful training that encourages cohesion while stimulating social skills and human relationships. We offer an original and dynamic alternative that combines Being and Doing.

About Teamway and team building activities

Teamway SA was founded in 2005.

Beyond our core competencies and the essential skills necessary for our business and team building events, what characterises us, motivates us and stimulates our creativity is our team’s endless passion, enthusiasm

This energy positively influences the dynamic of our interventions which makes our services & team building  activities more pertinent.

They put their trust in us


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Client testimonials

Les activités que vous avez proposées ainsi que votre accompagnement ont permis à nos collaborateurs de passer une journée sous le signe du partage et de la communication et de créer des contacts qui jusque-là n’étaient pas toujours aisés.

Annick Perret - Responsable RH, Ville de Prilly, Suisse

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