Igloo building in Geneva

18 Feb 2013

Usually we are resigned to going upto the Jura or Alps around Geneva to build Igloos. It’s only a 30 minute drive but with the 20cm of snow that we recieved in Geneva the 12th February 2013 the Teamway team took it upon themselves to make the most of a good situation. A 5 minute walk from their offices, the challenge was on : Build a fantastic Igloo next to the lake in the English Garden.

Teamway Team Igloo

Equipped with boxes, snow saws, shovels and alot of motivation the team set out. The location was right next to the path overlooking the lake. From the first moments the event attracted alot of attention from those passing by.

Winter Team Building Incentive Activity

From the base to the top, around 70 blocks would be needed. To show what a great team building activity Igloo building is members of the general public couldn’t help themselves, lending a hand with the constrction of the blocks, others with the transport and placements. All in all the Igloo was built in an hour and a half.

Team Building Igloo

A beautiful and rare site in the centre of a city, Teamway would like to thank those who showed their support during the construction process !

Discover the Team Building activity Igloo

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