Carton Car

whether its developing a winning team or simply a car that moves, the most important thing is the taking part.


Using the materials available, each team will build a car out of cardboard that can carry one person travelling over a certain distance.
Creative spirit and ingenuity will be essential to successfully complete this task.


To reconcile creativity and discipline whilst planning and completing a daring project. To channel the energy required into a situation where trust in the team’s potential is indispensable.

Skills & Performance

Strategy – Determination – Resources Management – Task Sharing – Solidarity


Basic benefit :

checkAnimation Teamway
checkOrganisation & Equipment
checkProtection of the venue if necessary
checkDebriefing of the activity

General Information

Program: Team Building

Location: Outdoors &/or indoors

Duration: 2 – 3 hours

Participants: Up to 50 people

Dress code: Not specific

pdf-icone This proposition in pdf format

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