Adaptation & Openness! A Short Description

The short description gives a general idea about the team building activities. It helps you to better understand the teambuilding activities and the possible modifications. If in doubt we have additional information available on request.


The objectives that we mention for each activity are not exhaustive. Depending on how you want your event to be managed, it is possible to adapt the team building activities, in order to accomplish your team’s personal objectives.

Skills & Performance

Each activity targets specific personal and interpersonal skills that are fundamental in a perfectly functioning team. Our team building activities are easily adapted, developed and changed according to the professional skills and performance goals your business would like to improve.


The different programs that we offer are ideally suited to the development of Team Building. Depending on your chosen direction our team building activities can be adapted to suit an additional program.


If you aren’t particular about where your event is held we can offer a choice of locations to hold our teambuilding activities. Our transport expenses in Geneva and the surrounding area are included as part of the package.


In case of weather conditions jeopardising the security of participants and in-turn not allowing the realisation of your team building events, a few days before Teamway is able to offer a choice of a replacement activity.


The duration indicates the average time necessary to complete one of our team building activities. However, depending on your agenda, it is possible to adapt the content.


The number of people mentioned in this summary is an average estimate. Nevertheless, in our team building events, we regularly have groups between 200 and 800 participants as well as small groups.


Rates are calculated before tax. They are calculated on a basic service, taking into account the number participating as mentioned above. Depending on the timing of the team building events, the prices may be readjusted in your favour.

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