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Whether starting a new team or maximising the potential of an existing one, the incorporation of a team building exercise into your team development strategy is certainly something that most managers consider to be very important. Including several team building events is a real investment for your company.

Teamway has a wide range of team building exercises suit all needs, groups and objectives. Whether indoors or outdoors, strategic or fun there is an activity that will suit your team. All our team building programs are highly customisable. Our website outlines the objectives of each activity, however if you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch for more details.

At Teamway we have split our activities into two different categories that are better adapted to your objectives. Our Team Challenge activities concentrate on the workings of a team. Our Team Building activities focus on the interaction between all the participants.

Team Challenge

Motivating colleagues is obligatory for effective functioning and prosperity of a business.

The goal of Team Spirit is to suggest activities that allow participants to enjoy themselves in order to get to know each other. Our Team Challenge activities let you create or maintain good team cohesion in a friendly environment.

This sharing and exchange of ideas allows for a quality relationship while living as a team. For everyone it contributes to the discovery and appreciation of one’s work colleagues regardless of seniority in a non-professional context.

Team building

Team building activities : Because the effectiveness of your team is greater than the sum of its parts.

The team building consists of a conglomerate of strategic actions. Its goal is to improve the team’s cohesion and functioning, to define the roles and responsibilities of its members and to increase the potential of each member in order to improve performance. In all our team building activities, the objective is to build relationships and open communication between the team members in order to become a more effective, creative, and productive team.

Our rapid, consistent method allows teams to develop the skills necessary to effectively resolve different problems in an environment that forces them to act differently than usual.
In all our team building offers, we offer you a real experience with real results.
Do you want your team to get more involved? Our specialized instructors will organise debriefings in order to facilitate everyone sharing experiences and feelings about the problem being addressed.

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